Friday, April 3, 2009

Outdoor Retreats...

A Breath of Fresh Air, Birds Chirping & the Beauty of the Outdoors!
Grab a glass of tea & your favorite book or magazine.
Just take a few minutes to sit outdoors this weekend....
Listen,Hear & Feel the beauty of your Outdoor Retreat.
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
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  1. Lovely! You make me sad to be at work right now though!

  2. I just bought this home and probably won't get anything done this year, but I would love to have a nice place to sit outside. There's a good start with flowers in the back yard, but lots more to do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Have A Fabulous Friday
    Roberta Anne
    The Raggedy Girl

  4. Oh my heavens, those outdoor spaces are gorgeous!! I just love being outdoors especially in the evenings. I think it is so important to make outdoor spaces as comfy as indoor spaces. I took off today to work in my yard, but I have yet to venture my way outside and it is already afternoon!! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Nicole

  5. what a great idea...outdoor retreats....they will replenish the soul and life, have you ever thought of putting those retreat images in a video, i would suggest Vision Map Videos and then they can be given and/or purchased by the individuals attending the retreat to visually renew their retreat experience all year have a really unique idea and presentation!!! good work....


  6. Wish I had a little slice of heaven like that!

  7. Oh wow so lovely. Can I relax awhile on that bench. lol. Thanks for the comment. Denise

  8. Oh my! I LOVE those outdoor spaces. They're just YUMMY!

    Thanks for sharing....

    Blessing you,