Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've been tagged...

Pansy Cottage Girl tagged me so now I must tell you 6 things about myself...
1. I am a twin with Jana and that is why my name starts with a J. Jana and I are totally opposite as she has blond hair and blue eyes and I am a brunette but we are very close.
2. I love going to the pond with my little monkey so that he an throw 5,000 rocks in. He loves rocks and sticks!
3. I love anything old and chippy!
4. I enjoy watching birds and love to decorate with birds and bird nest!
5. I love little fairies,especially the ones my MIL makes. They are cute to decorate with and place anywhere!
6. When we built our home, well.....we built a special room for my husband to put all of his "prize possessions, deer,bobcat,fish,etc...

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  1. Jena,
    The mosaic is wonderful!!! Your little guy is so adorable!!!


  2. Jena~thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day!

  3. Interesting things to tell about yourself. The one I find most interesting is that you built your home. Quite a feat. Must be lovely. And I really like the pictures as well. Oh, the room with the deerheads in it, that makes me laugh. Reminds me so much of my dad's house. Gotta love outdoorsy stuff.