Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Sweet and Special to my heart BIBLE story....

Ty Allen is now 3 and a half years old...they grow up way to fast! His little preschool teacher who is wonderful uses a behavior system where the kids get Happy Faces or maybe Sad Faces on a sheet of paper daily. I reinforce good behavior by giving him a Surprise when he receives Happy Faces for the entire week.
On our drive to school, he reminded me that he had received all Happy Faces for the week and when I asked him what surprise he might like, he said, Mommy, I want a BIBLE. A book about Jesus! I want to take it to church like Sam. (Sam is a friend at church) That lil' statement brought tears to my eyes because he was so excited and so I turned around and looked at him in his car seat and said, OK, mommy will get you a Bible today! When he noticed I had a tear in my eye, he said mommy are you OK, why do you have tears and I said because I am very happy! Ty then made a silly funny face to make me laugh.....
WOW! Kids can touch your heart like no one else!


  1. Absolutely! Those are moments to cherish. :)

  2. I love the ending of the story. It's true, children are so spontanious. I enjoy being around children, it keeps me young.

  3. This may be the most precious thing I have heard in a long time!!! I love little children...they bring such a sense of wonder and joy into our lives!!! I am so glad that you shared this special moment...thank you!!!


  4. Ah this is so lovely story of your life with your children.

  5. Awesome! You will always remember that moment. You'll have double the memories soon :) Hope you are feeling well.

  6. What a precious little guy, loved hearing this, and doesn't it say in the Bible somewhere where we mothers wear our children "as jewels" around our neck. Hope you're feeling well, and excited for the new little "jewel".
    Hugs and Blessings, Debra

  7. What a sweet story! How wonderful to get his very own Bible at such a young age.