Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ty Allen's Bedroom...

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Ty Allen loves to go fishing and hunting with his daddy so we did his room in a cabin/lodge theme! We used fishing lures, fake mounted animals on the walls and a bear skin! We also had his bathroom furniture made from a designer at Canton who used old doors! Now, if we can just get him in his own bed every night before the new baby gets here!


  1. That is quite possibly the cutest little boy's room I've ever seen. And I'm not one to just throw out compliments on kids' rooms, because most of the time, they are done in something Disney themed, which for some reason, screams TACKY to me. But this.... This is really, really great. I'd love to reproduce this if I ever have a boy. Did you make all the decor? You are so talented. You should have your own show. ;)

  2. What a great idea for a little boys room. And you have used some real creativity, like evaporated said, it is sooo much better than Disney themed rooms. But you are such a creative girl!! Hugs, Cindy s.

  3. What a lucky boy!
    Absolutely gorgeous and original. It is inviting and makes me want to go inside and explore. Congratulations!

  4. how fun! we are in the process of doing our boys room and they want an army room...lol! But our new home is on the water so I thought a camping room would be appropriate also! thx for the inspiration! blessings