Monday, July 18, 2011

Mosaic Piece...

How FUN are these Mosaic Pieces???
   What a great focal point in any room!
I just love every little detail of them...the colors, shapes, hardware, framed out drawers...oh and mirrored fronts!
Happy, Happy

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Have a seat..Bar stools

Bar stools seem so hard to find, especially when looking for that "certain look" and comfort.  I recently helped one of my clients find bar stools for her pool house so they needed to be indoor/outdoor with a touch of rustic and industrial.  She and her husband picked the last stool posted, stainless with a touch of rust, perfect for the pool house!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To be a Pilot...or not???

(pics by grandmother)
Our oldest son,Ty, now 5 has been talking alot about wanting to be a pilot when he grows up so Joe and I scheduled an hour ride up with an instructor so that he could get an idea of what to expect. As we arrived, he was very excited and could not wait to get on the plane. From there, the curiosity of the inside of the plane and the fact that daddy was going to get to fly the plane too just excited him even more. As we flew he just went on and on on how cool it was and wondered when we would get to see our house. About 45 minutes into the flight,well our little Ty started getting sick and was ready to land. When we landed he said very seriously, What am I gonna do now and when my husband asked what he meant by it, he said, well I can't be a pilot because flying makes me sick so what am I going to be??? The instructor informed him that most people do get sick on the first fly up and suggested we do it again on a larger plane so Ty said OK. We had a really good time and I really loved the expressions and looks on Ty's face! Something I will never forget!

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