Monday, June 18, 2012

A Vintage Backyard Wedding...

What a joy it was to work with such a sweet an amazing family, The Edens of Beckville,TX.
Mike & Cathy Edens wanted their beautiful daughter, Paige, to have the wedding of her dreams with special touches such as family heirlooms, vintage findings and very significat and special pieces. As you can see from the pictures, We, Tina, Monica & I worked very closely with Paige and her parents to make she had the dream wedding she had always wanted! 
The Entrance...
We first created an entrance with the focal point of an old Blue truck, wrapped the front seat in lace and hung a chandelier!! This was so much fun to all of the guest arriving as most of them wanted their picture made with this special old blue!! Beside the truck sat an old dresser from the home with a vintage typewriter and urn filled with her favorite flower, Hydrangeas. Sticking out of  a drawer was some blue fans with ceremony imprinted on them and to the right of the dresser was a heart shaped birdcage with a set of white doves.  A wreath was placed on the gate with an old wood painted Wedding sign.
The Ceremony...
 As you walked in the gate of the backyard, you felt as if you were in your local country church.  Window panes were hung on the fence line along with blue mason jars & candles.  A set of old doors with twig wreaths were used at the entrance and then some original church pews lined up with a few old hymnals and fans.  We placed an old galvanized watering can beside each pew with blue and cream hydrangeas.  Alongside of the pews were white chairs and a quilt that Paige owned for kids and extra guest to sit on.  The focal point where the ceremony was held stood some old post from an old house, stained glass windows and 2 crystal vintage chandeliers that had come out of Paige's parents home.
The ceremony was just beautiful with the bridesmaids all dressed in different dresses adorned with lace, ruffles and ribbon. The bridesmaids and junior bridesmaid looked just adorable with their cowboy boots on as they carried a hydrangea wrapped in burlap and lace.  Then the boys, well they didn't look so bad themselves with blue shirts, brown pants and suspenders!  The little ones were just as cute as you see in the pics, just too precious!  As the ceremony ended and the couple was announced, a group of doves were released and it was beautiful as they circled around a couple of times. 
The doves did  return for those of you wondering.
The Reception...
The reception was so much fun to decorate....Blue table linens with a different topper on each table, a mix of vintage china and family heirlooms were placed on each table.  The brides table held a large burlap cloth trimmed in lace and there we placed all white plates and mason jars with straws.  The bride and groom both had a white linen slipcover and we placed an old vintage crate which held mason jars for the bouquets. 
The Bride's table...
Paige's table was created using various crates, old drawers, an old chair and an amazing old mirror.
Paige had 3 cakes that were just beautifully created by Cakes by Carrie and I just loved the teacup.
In between the bride and groom table was an old wine barrel with old drawers and a funnel which held the plates, forks and napkins for the guest.
The Grooms table...
The Grooms table had a duck hunting theme.  We used old drawers, crates, bullets and some vintage ducks from the family.  We even had fresh moss from the trees of Caddo Lake, a lantern and some duck calls.
The Bar...
The backdrop of the bar included a grouping of galvanized buckets on the fence.  Cable wire tables were used with a galvanized bucket on top which held the beer and wine and a clay flower pot which held the tops.  We also placed a wheelbarrow full of drinks and an old blue vintage cabinet with chicken wire held the wine and mason jars.
The Gifts..
The gifts were placed on an old flower cart at the front of the reception entrance alongside of our new burlap sofa we had covered which was a great place to sit and relax or take pictures.

A special Thank you to Paige and Cory Moon for letting us help you create such a Fun and Amazing Backyard wedding!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My new Willow Chair...

I just recently bought this fabulous
willow chair & ottoman from Willow Home at Canton. I have enjoyed sitting here on this beautiful Sunday afternoon relaxing...hope you have had a great Sunday too!

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Backyard Moment...

(pic taken by MIL)
I just had to share bc I LOVE this picture...
3 of my favorite boys and our Lab,Chevy!  It has been a busy time of year with baseball, soccer,parties &, where does the time go? Take a minute to just sit back with a smile on your face because we all have so many blessing right in our backyard!:)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Banner Time...

Spring Banners, Bird Nest, White Bunny Rabbits and Large Easter Baskets....just some of the New Spring FUN things at Not So Shabby Interiors! 

 Oh,and if you get a chance to come in around lunchtime,  Bistro 79 is now serving lunch and it is delicious! Check us out, 414 Hwy 79 N in Henderson

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vintage Wedding...

Just wanted to share a collage of our decor/vintage rentals from the last wedding we did at Lake Cherokee!
Monica Sanders
Jena Williams

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easter Bunny and My Boys...

A little Easter Vignette...
Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather.
  Joe and I are off with the boys tomorrow for Spring Break and looking forward to a great weekend!  Hope you have a great weekend too!

Oh, and speaking of the boys..I took these pics last night and used the grunge texture on the iphone, you should download the app, camera+
It is really an amazing app to have, you will see!:)
Love my Boys!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not So Shabby Spring Booth in Henderson...

(pics taken by iphone)
Not So Shabby has lots of new Spring Items and lots of fun accessories to decorate and brighten up your home.  If  you get a chance to travel to Henderson, please stop by the booth located at 414 Hwy 79 N in Henderson between Jalapeno Tree and The Sonic.  Tina, Monica and I created lots of Fun Spring Vignettes you are sure to LOVE!  Now.. we are off to decorate for another Vintage Wedding this weekend at another soon!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

One Fine Day.....

(Photos taken with iPhone)

And One Fine Day it was...
Monica Sanders, Tina Smith (Cherry Hill Cottage) and myself 
 had the privilege of working with
 Dr.Guy Danielson & Sheri Stillwell to create an Unforgettable Romantic Vintage Wedding!

With a personal touch in mind, we worked very close with Sheri &Guy to make sure everything was coordinated with "the couples" style. Sheri first picked out the invitations which were so elegantly beautiful, a cream linen paper with chocolate ink and a D monogram. We then placed a piece of burlap in the invitation and wrapped a piece of twine around the return RSVP.
The Dinner Table... Sheri said from the beginning of planning, 
 I love to sit down at a table with a lot of glasses as it gives the table a distinctive romantic feel.
As you can see, her request was fulfilled with a water/tea glass, red & white wine glasses and minature carafe's which complimented the cream and silver-lined china.  We dressed each table with a cream tablecloth and  burlap topper, vintage mirror and large mercury compote full of white and cream roses, hydrangeas and tulips created by Wild Iris Florist in Henderson.  The romance continued with 8 votive's (mercury glass and glass with wire footed votives) on each table.  The twinkle of the candles over the mirrors was just beautiful.  Sheri wanted the family tables to be special so we placed a burlap sash on the family chairs and each lady received a mercury glass crown with white rose and moss to take home.  The gentlemen received a boutonniere and the granddaughters had the most precious halo of rosemary and fresh honeysuckle with vintage style ribbon hanging.  We topped each plate off with a personal name card and Sheri & Guy had a burlap cone filled with rosemary and flowers tied onto the back of their sash's.

The Candy/Cake table... Simply Sweet!  A SWEETS banner hung as a backdrop with a shepherds gate above.  We layered the table with burlap ruffled table covers, vintage suitcases, vintage mirrors and stacked  vintage glassware!  The cake was simply delicious as Cakes by Carrie also created the cake balls and cupcakes in chocolate and cream cheese flavors.  The cake sat on a galvanized and rust round cake stand and we topped it off with a bird crown.Popcorn was placed in tarnished silver bowl and newspaper bags were used for the guest to take home goodies and I promise, this table was a hit!

Bar Tables...We wrapped the bar tables in cream cloths and wrapped burlap ribbon around the bottoms.  We then placed tall glass vases filled wrapped in burlap with a touch of rosemary.  The vases sat on a tree stump and then fresh flowers were displayed in a mercury glass vase with a a simple candle votive.  These tables were very simple, yet the look was perfect with the rest of the decor.  The kids at the wedding also took home a beta fish as a favor, after all, the venue was on a beautiful lake!

The fireplace...lit and glowing, The Petroleum Club on Lake Tyler was a rustic yet elegant place to have the wedding...(located right next to the HGTV Tyler Dream home built a few years back)
Now back to the fireplace...we placed a set of old shutters on the mantle and attached an extra large dried wreath as the focal point above the mantle.  A dried honeysuckle mantle piece with twinkle lights was then placed on the mantle and 2 urns with honeysuckle balls filled with old vintage paper and an old clock was setting on each side of the fireplace hearth.  Rose petals were placed on the floor where the ceremony took place.  The bride,Sheri, is amazingly beautiful and the dress, just took everyone's breath away!
 I just can't wait to see the ceremony pictures from her photographer, David Hill Photography which will hopefully be posted soon!

Well, even though the Fairytale Romantic Wedding has ended, a beautiful couple will begin their new life together with warm memories and pictures of their very special Romantic wedding with family and special guest it was definitely

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