Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas around the house...

Gifts Wrapped, Fireplace Aglow...I just wanted to share a few sweet things my boys made for Christmas.  First is the sweet plate Ridge made with his foot & hands, a reindeer with lights.  I just love it and put it on a plate rack in the kitchen. Then Ty made a sweet tag along with several other ornaments but the TAG is my favorite because it is little snowmen made out of his fingers!! Thank you God for all of my boys fingers & toes!  I love them!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


So my MIL came over to take our Christmas Card Pics...Well, Ridge is now 2 and you all know what that means,he cannot sit still for 2 seconds! Check out his little face, you can just see it in his eyes!!
Ty Allen, now 6 was very helpful with Ridge and sometimes overly helpful where that's all he could focus on but bless his heart, he is so sweet and just loves his brother! 
We ended up taking several pics & it was pretty funny to view them and see happy faces, stressful faces, silly faces, what are you doing faces.  These faces are the most important faces in my life.
 As I begin my vacation from work, I am looking forward to spending every moment I can with my boys, all 3 of them!
  Life is so busy and sometimes it is good to just Thank God for all of the blessings in your life..
I know I am!