Friday, July 24, 2009

Memories of "Our lil' Cabin"

The Cabin...what great memories! My husband Joe's parents built the cabin as an original shop that Mary, my MIL worked out of for years! When they decided to build, they passed it down to Joe and he and I made it into a little cabin in the woods home! We were just talking about it last night which brought me to pull out pictures so that we could remember exactly what it was like! At the time, we did not have any children so we were somewhat saddened by some of the pics with our little Yorkie,Sadie and big cat on the front porch who have both since past. We do although have lots of great memories of taking a very well-built shop with so much character and making it "our home." We will always cherish these memories and miss this neat little cabin. With an open floor-plan, some of my favorite things were,the large screened-in back porch, spiral staircase to loft upstairs, claw foot tub, large ceilings with white-washed pine, a corner stand-up fireplace stove, built-in stained glass window,knotty-pine cabinets and one of my favorites, the open air vent painted red across the ceiling! When we decided to start our own family, we sold the cabin due to the size but will always cherish the memories of our Lil cabin in the woods!


  1. That was a very lovely home! No wonder you have such fond memories. It's a sweet, cozy and beautifully decorated place. Thanks for posting the pictures!


  2. It looks like a great place. The beautiful decorating stamp that you and your MIL have was quite evident.

  3. That is a very nice cabin. I love the spiral staircase. The place looks comfy, cozy. Lovely pictures! I also have fond memories of my great uncle's cabin by the lake, family reunited. My father, mother and brother's, cousins. Watch the rackoons at night thrue the large window to name a few. Great momeries indeed! Thank you for sharing this pictures!

  4. Jena, I love it! You had it decorated so cute. Thanks for sharing good memories!

  5. I love your pictures especially the one of the bathroom. It is sooo charming!!!

    Have a great week!

  6. Such a cute blog! Did I miss it? or did you say if you still had this lovely place?
    Love the porch! I have a thing for cozy porches! What a great place.