Friday, March 11, 2011

Vintage Book Pages Guest Bath....

(Before picture)

So tonight I had a plan...I waited until my husband took Ty to the movies and Ridge went to bed. I then ran out to the garage (with monitor) in a dash and piled up the following items: old books, spray glue, scissors, staple gun and bubble wrap strips. I first measured the walls and then cut my bubble wrap in strips.  I then sprayed the bubble wrap with spray glue and stacked the old vintage book pages across. Finally, I placed the bubble wrap with vintage pages on my wall and stapled the ends...
When Joe and Ty returned from the movies, I was done.
Old vintage book pages really made this room look so much better and
I promise if I can do this, anybody can do this!

(After pictures)


  1. It's positively stunning in every detail!

  2. I LOVE this so much!

    Reminds me of my guest bath and it has so much Character . So inspiring!

    So glad I stopped in!


  3. I love how it looks but why the bubblewrap? Just curious.

  4. Ooh..thank you! I've wanted to do this, but was afraid of how to remove it once I wanted to do something different. Now I know how! You're the best!!!
    P.S. So...what did the guys think of your little reading room?

  5. Jenna
    How fun. The bath looks great with the book pages on the back wall... I am a freak for anything done with paper... especially vintage book pages.

    Love the bubble wrap idea.... that spray glue can be a disaster to try and undo... super good trick.

    What really amazes me is that you got it done in the evening... I can hardly function after 6pm.

    Thanks for stopping by my site and I will check yours out again when I have more time.... good stuff.

  6. oh i LoVe this! i never would have thought in a million years to use bubble wrap!

  7. Like Gail, I wonder why the bubble wrap? Just wondering why that and not strips of poster board or something flatter?

    It looks great and I'd love to see an after picture from the same perspective as the before (one that shows more of the room as a whole).

  8. So I have had a couple of you ask why the bubble wrap and no particular reason except it was the only think I had in the garage that day. I have heard of using posterboard or other flatter things which would probably work just as well! Thanks for all of your sweet comments and I am still loving the bathroom!