Saturday, January 24, 2009

The "Cubby Hole" in the Kitchen

I decided to re-decorate the "cubby hole" in the kitchen. If you will look below at my kitchen photo's, you will see that I have a small cubby above the refrigerator. Here, I wanted a few of my favorite things so of course, I started out with the RED BIRDHOUSE and then went upstairs to my "extra junk" closet to find all sorts of old clock that was broke, a flag that I usually pull out for the 4th, an old pickle jar full of little things-another face watch and WOW, THE SCRABBLE GAME......yes, the one we used to play as kids! I used it to Spell our last name,WILLIAMS and topped it off with a few of my favorite things including a BIRD,someBIRD EGGS & AN OLD RUSTY WATERING CAN,a small American flag pillow and a finial. So what do you think? I think it looks much better...more "homie" and more me!

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  1. Oh, my gosh, I love it! It's beautiful but best of all, it's composed of things you love. It's a winner!

  2. That looks great! It amazes me the things people keep! I am a there isn't a closet full of fu stuff. How sad for me! :(

  3. So that's what you do with those nooks that the builder puts in and nothing fits in it! Wow, it looks fantastic. Very clever. I love how you used everything but the kitchen sink. Great use of space!

  4. Hi Jena,
    It looks so cute!! I love it, still haven't gone to look at the paint color yet but I'm working on it (; Thanks again.

  5. oh, won't you come to my house and help me with my little nooks and crannies? Great little collection of goodies, and so interesting to look at...I especially like the little stories behind the items, like your scrabble game! LOVE IT! Your blog is gorgeous!

  6. Jena, I love your kitchen! We built a home a couple of years ago and our kitchen is the center of our home...don't you just love it!? Your kitchen nook is perfect...I have the same 3 bird/nest tin my bathroom! I love to watch the sunset from our East Texas cottage's front porch, swinging away on the old porch swing!

    xo ~ Donna

  7. Came across your blog tonight and love it!
    The cubby hole vignette is great!! Lots of my favorite things in there!

  8. You do have a way with putting things together. Love it!

  9. I just found you from cherry hill cottage.

    Love your kitchen cubby. Did you make the bird prints? And love the splashes of red, and how you have put it all together. You certainly have an eye for decorating!

    I'm having a giveaway for my 103rd post.
    It is a hand made bird nest. It would look great with how you decorate. You should come enter.

    I'll be back. Love you blog.

    Barbara Jean

  10. Love what you've done! I am trying to learn from you! I am in the process of decorating a new condo and we just had the kitchen painted red! I know you like red!

  11. Love the cubby hole especially in the kitchen! Love the idea! Creative and Idealistic. I hope I can have like that on my kitchen too. Love your post my dear! Vigrx Plus