Friday, January 23, 2009

Enjoy what you have been BLESSED with....

Melissa @ has encouraged me to live A BEAUTIFUL LIFE by setting 12 months of goals....
As I go through this what seems a VERY LONG WEEK, one of my goals is to ENJOY WHAT I HAVE & ALL THAT I HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH... I thank God everyday for my life because he has blessed me with a wonderful family, gracious friends and the love of a little 3 year old boy, my son, that just brings so much light into my world! This world is a very fast-paced world and so I have started taking time in the morning to sit on the porch with a cup of coffee in hand....enjoying the blessing of the sunrise, picking my son up from preschool and spending the few hours in the evenings that I have with him, laughing,swinging,playing!! The precious hours of our daily time flies by so quickly so I have been taking the time to just sit back, take a deep breath,look around and be thankful for all that I have been blessed with.....I hope you will too!

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  1. I find when I get up early everything runs a little smoother around here!
    Love you blog!

  2. I'm an early morning girl too. You've hit the nail on the head here. It's all about being grateful for what we have, not longing for what we don't have. Great post.

  3. Yes!! Beautiful post and you are so right, those early morning hours are perfect because the world is still!

    thanks for sharing the inspiring to be grateful for what we have and spending time in thankfulness!!


  4. It is early in the morning and I am sitting here in the quietness, with my hot cup of coffee, and I discovered your blog. It is so very beautiful!! I have enjoyed reading it and looking at all of your pictures. I am thankful that I found it and look forward to visiting it again. You have a good looking family.