Thursday, January 29, 2009

My LOVE of RED......

RED.....ahh what a Great COLOR!
My love of RED has been ongoing as I use it
in decorating our home...
Dishes, Picture frames, Pillows & Fabric, Candle Glass Vases and Lamps! A piece of, does it pop!
An old suitcase or even a small table & chairs for your kids playroom!
I use it wherever and whenever I can!
My love of Red continues...
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  1. What a lovely way for me to end my day...looking at beautiful pictures, seeing red(my favorite color) and listening to my favorite song. You have a great blog and I can't believe you've only been at it a short time. Debbie

  2. I gave you a blogger award! You can go to my page to check it out! Thanks for inspiring!

  3. Hi Jena! Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Isn't it fun to share thoughts about decorating! Welcome and have a wonderful week. I will keep posted. You have a beautiful site. Anita

  4. Hi Jena! I will try this again; welcome to the blog world! I am fairly new as well. You have a beautiful site and thanks for visiting and including me on your bloglist! Have a wonderful weekend! Anita

  5. Jena, I just love your style! I enjoyed reading through your blog and seeing your beautiful home and how you designed and decorated it!

  6. Hi Jena Welcome to blogging. I am as well a new blogger.I love the color red and accent my repro home in old victorian reds. check out my blog to see. Linda

  7. Hi Jena,

    Just popped over from Cherry Hill and I can see from your love of red that I am going to have fun visiting you :) Love that red dresser!!


  8. I just LOVE your blog! We just had our new kitchen painted red so I am looking for decorating ideas!