Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Kitchen

My Kitchen......well, I absolutley love it! We placed it in the center of the house so that we could enjoy conversation from all parts of the house. I decided to paint my island along with my mantle focal point a green and then make it look old with a stained faux! I then wanted to bring in the rest of my cabinets in a faux creme to accent the green. I have always loved the color green and you will see it more throughout our home. The floors are a distressed wood in which I love because they can with-stand all of the cars and toys my 3 year old son plays with! I used a simple granite that would compliment the old brick veneers as a backsplash. Of course, I had to have a copper farmhouse sink that I love! It is very large but very durable and we have really enjoyed it! I also love the mantle above the stove because I can decorate it for each season!


  1. oh, i love this kitchen! it's very farmhouse-ish! That sink, those cupboards, I covet them! Love your blog!

  2. Hi Jena!! Wow! I just adore your kitchen. I think what I like the most about it is the use of the green with the white. Very fresh, clean, functional and old fashioned - yet with a modern flair. Great job!! Now who would have thought to put a picture rail over the hood? Neat idea!!


  3. Your kitchen is stunning!! I love it, would you mind sharing the color green you used on the island? I have a cabinet that I just bought and I was thinking about painting it green, please, I would really appreciate it (; Now off to see the rest of your blog.

  4. You have a gorgeous home! Welcome to blogland!

  5. You Have an amazing kitchen, Jena...LOVE it!

  6. I love your kitchen, just beautiful! What really caught my attention, though, is your dish drainer in the sink - where did you find that???

  7. I LOVE your kitchen! We are in the middle of a kitchen "re-do"...keeping cabinets, but painting them, living with the floors and appliances I have. New paint and accessories and new counters when I can save the $. Yours is a great inspiration! My cabinets will be white and the island will be indigo blue! Can't wait!!

  8. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Your kitchen is to die for! It's gorgeous! Very inspirational!

  10. I'm thrilled to have you follow my blog. Your kitchen is breathtaking! xo rachel

  11. Oh my gosh! It's beautiful. I love your green accents and the brick backsplash.

  12. Great Kitchen Love the country feel. farmers sink , great cupboards, I love the way you display your counters, and the different color of cupboards. Linda

  13. Oh my, I think my chin is on my keyboard. That kitchen is drop-dead gorgeous! LOVE it :)


  14. Well You should love it! It is gorgeous!:)


  15. Jena, I found out about your blog from Tina at
    Cherry Hill Cottage.....I love it! Your kitchen is the prettiest I've seen!! Please
    tell me what the color of your island is and, also, the color of your cabinets.....they are
    beautiful! The copper sink is truly amazing.
    I, too, like the drainboard...where did you
    get it? I wouldn't mind cooking if I had a
    kitchen like yours!LOL!!

    Becky from Tennessee

  16. Jena, I found out about your blog from Tina
    at Cherry Hill Cottage.....I'm so glad she
    shared. Your blog is great. I absolutely
    love your kitchen!! Please share the green
    paint you used....also, the cream for your
    cabinets. The copper sink is fantastic!!
    Will it eventually turn green or does it
    stay as it is?? I love it and the size! I've
    always wanted a farmhouse sink but don't know
    if I will ever have one. If my kitchen were
    as pretty as yours, I wouldn't mind cooking, I
    don't think. LOL!! By the way, your son is
    adorable!! Becky

  17. Just found your blog and I love it!!! Did you say where you found your dish drainer? I have white cabinets and am wanting to paint my island blue. How did you distress yours? What is stained faux? Hope you don't mind all the questions! LOL Will be visiting your blog daily and look forward to all your beautiful pictures.