Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Side Porch

As a new blogger, I have decided to start by showing you a few of my favorite things & places... We will start with my favorite place at our new home...the side porch! This is where I begin my day with a cup of java in hand. Watching the sun rise and the peaceful and still of the morning before my day begins and then the serenity of dawn as the sun sets and all things refelcted upon that day begins to shut down in my head.... what a wonderful place to begin and end my day....this is definitely one of my favorite places!


  1. very pretty home...and nice blog...I am just learning too.

  2. gorgeous home and porch! a dreamy place to be! is the grass really green in texas right now? wow!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I just love the style of your home and that big porch is just devine to take in all of the views. Y'all know how to do it right in Texas!!! Seems all of my Texan friends have drop dead gorgeous homes!!!

    Happy blogging!!!!!!

    PS: LOVE your blog design!!!! Amber did a nice job!!

  4. Pour me a drink...I'm on my way! Really beautiful!

  5. Jena - I don't know if you remember me or not, but you and Jana used to baby-sit me when I was little. And I had the HUGEST crush on your husband when I used to sit outside the newspaper office selling newspapers on Saturday morning. Hee! Your house is so beautiful, and so is your family. I'm going to add your blog to my growing list of RSS feeds! -- Andrea