Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goatmilk Soap...

My husband brought me home a wonderful surprise...
One of my favorites, Goat Milk Soap!
I am not sure if you have ever used goat milk soap but to me it is like
going to the SPA every single night & it makes my skin very soft- ADDICTING!
He bought it from a local in our area that has a goat farm.... if you get a chance, check them out,
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  1. love your blog..thanks for leaving a comment..cant wait to see more of your home and work!


  2. I've never tried Goat Milk Soap but it looks wonderful. The packaging so cute! How thoughtful of hubby!

  3. I have never tried Goat Milk Soap but it looks wonderful. The packaging is so cute. How thoughtful of hubby!

  4. I have never used goat milk soap, but it sounds great. My uncle lives in Henderson, I might have him pick up a bar & bring it to me when I see him next month.

  5. You are a lucky lady! I've never tried goats milk, but I might have to soon.

  6. Now I gotta go find me a goat! That sounds wonderful! In AZ we need soft skin... we're all turn'n to leather here... only a matter of time.

    Hubby raves about goat cheese he had in Spain YEARS ago. Thanks for sharing!
    Pretty Organizer

  7. Hi Jena. Yes I have tried goat milk soap, but after using all naturalbathand body products I would not go back. go to my blog and check them out. Linda

  8. Ive never tried it before but I have heard others say its wonderful....maybe some day I'll have to get me some

  9. How fun! I have never tried this kind of soap. Sounds like it is wonderful!

  10. Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you found inspiration in the post on faith.
    Now I am going to have to try that goatsmilk soap. The last week has been a tough one. A nice spa like treat would be wonderful!

  11. Good to get this Jena!!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage...