Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Say "Cheese"

My lil' photographer, Ty Allen loves his new Fisher Price camera. He is learning how to look at
his on screen display (just like a real camera) and then says the magic word, CHEESE!
The great thing about the camera is it really works and takes pretty good pictures.
The only negative thing is that it EATS Batteries & he gets very frustrated when that happens!
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  1. HI Jena! I will try this again; you have a darling little man there! Love it while it lasts! Anita

  2. My kids wanted that and I have avoided it for that very reason...batteries! I also thought they would want every silly picture developed.

  3. What a sweet lil' man and a great photo! I assume your hubby took the sweet picture...he's a good photographer, too...I love it!