Monday, February 9, 2009

More Landscaping special request

A few of you asked for more pics of my recent post,"My 1st landscape venture"
I can't wait until this Spring!


  1. Is that lantana? Sure makes me miss the Texas summers. :)

  2. Hi Jena,
    Wow, I just love the landscape. You have given me a lot of inspiration. I have deer in my area and it looks like you have a couple of "deer resistant" plants.
    I also LOVE the outside of your house, the rock is my fav!
    -Cheers, Amy

  3. It looks so full to be "brand new". Seeing it makes me so ready for warm weather. I love when everything starts greening up. Debbie

  4. You have such a pretty home. Yes your landscape is lovely. Where is spring?

  5. It's beautiful Jena. I just love the stone on the porch too. I finally just posted a thank you to you on my blog for the lemonade award. Sorry I took so long! Have a good night!