Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After a 6 day business trip away from my family and a 5 hour plane ride back into East Texas, I was Mentally & Physically Exhausted. Needless to I pulled through our driveway home, I jumped out of the car looking for my husband and son who had not yet arrived home. I then decided to walk to the gate and meet them so I headed down the drive.....As I started walking,I began to get tears in my eyes! I took a deep breath in and raised both of my hands. I then out loud started THANKING GOD FOR ALL THAT HE HAS BLESSED ME WITH! I was thanking him for the beauty of the trees,the birds, the beautiful blue skies & the ponds beautiful view! I was thanking him for my son and my husband and other gracious family and friends! Our Health and our jobs. The list went on and on.....
I guess when you love something and are away from it for a few days, it's always in your heart...
but it sure felt good getting "hugs & kisses" when they arrived home!
Thank your God for HUGS & KISSES!
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  1. Glad you are home again! It looks like a gorgeous day there in East Texas. :)

  2. I sure do like the Texas star on your gate! And that green grass looks good, too! A couple more months and we'll maybe see some, too. I'm sure our Father in Heaven was happy to hear your praises!

  3. Hi Jena! I am glad to hear you love God! You love life, your family, God...what else could we ask for? Have a great Sunday. Anita

  4. I felt the Peace of God the first moment I found your blog. I feel very blessed to have found your site. Thank you for your boldness for our Heavenly Father! I am blessed to have a wonderful Husband, Daughter and Family that I thank God for everyday! My dad is from Marshal, Texas and most of us live in Georgia now but, I am so happy to get to see a little piece of East Texas in your pictures. Dina :)

  5. Welcome home. God is so good to us.

  6. Hi Jena,
    I think I would cry if I had to leave there! Your land and home are so beautiful (; Take care and enjoy being back home.

  7. 6 days is a long time to be away from your family. Home Sweet Home!! Nothin like it.

  8. I agree...It is such a Blessing to be Blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends. This was such a sweet post. It gave me goosebumps.
    Many Blessings,